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Innovative Shade Solutions The UV rays of the sun are harsh on our youthfull skins.Umbrosa only uses high quality Premium Umbrella cover materials to protect you and your family against the harmfull rays from the sun. Our Olefin umbrella outdoor material has a UV protection factor of PF+50!

Paraflex aluminium quality umbrella 's

Outdoor umbrella wallmount Patio Umbrella Paraflex Polemount

Umbrella Paraflex duo


Paraflex Multipole 4+1 Umbrellas

Paraflex Aluminium Center Pole Umbrella 





Center Pole

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Umbrella - We at Paraflex® SA love the sun just as much as you do.  

Sometimes however, one longs for a place in the shade in the garden or on your patio.
Sun is for life, shade is for enjoying.

Paraflex outdoor aluminium umbrellas therefore provides the ideal solution: create your shade wherever you want ... in the right spot ... at the right time ... just the right amount.

Our unique and patented umbrella system removes the need for a heavy base and a central pole on an umbrella. One attachment to the wall or a side pole to support the umbrella. The umbrella's rotating arms and tilting canopy allow you to create the shade where you want, independent of the sun’s position. The umbrella arm can extend out and adjust so that you can control its position in order to maximise shade on the area untherneath. The Aluminium outdoor Paraflex umbrella has a modern design, is robust and still very easy to handle.

Umbrella - wallmounted Paraflex

The Paraflex Umbrella , worldwide proven quality, both for commercial and private use. Especially there where the sun shines.Available as a wallmounted umbrella or on a pole, The Paraflex pole mounted umbrellacan hold from one up to 5 umbrella's on one pole!

 Paraflex Umbrella's at Ulusaba Lodge

Every component of our Paraflex umbrella can easely be replaced. The Umbrella canopy comes in more then 9 different colours and has a 3 year limited warrantee against fading (Olefin material), and have a UV Protection factor of  PF+50!!!

The umbrella canopy can be taken of in less then a minute and is machine washable. No more replacing your umbrella every second year!

 Paraflex wallmount blending with the Paraflex centre pole

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The paraflex umbrella is so user friendly and looks great! A quality umbrella we can only recommend.

- Patrick Denue

I bought 2 Paraflex Wallmount umbrella's in 2010 and they are just fantastic!I would like to buy a Paraflex centre pole...

- Malcolm Nov 2012

Your Back up has been spectacular, thank you for your efficient response and follow up.

-B.Nel Durban March 2013

Thank you so much.I have just arrived home and the umbrella looks wonderful! :) Barbara R. Hilton

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